Bobby Rutter is a member of Rutter & Russin, LLC and Chief Operating Officer of Forward Hospitality Group. Bobby is a lawyer and joined Forward Hospitality Group in 2011.

Bobby's passion and experience lies in operational management and brand development. His education and experience provide the foundation for detailed and high-level work. Bobby is responsible for ensuring the venues operate at the highest-level and that the customer experience is unmatched.

To operate the venues at the highest level, he has developed a set of core values that have become operational standards. He has also developed a hiring criteria, set new brand standards and trained according to them, and holds his employees accountable.

Bobby’s drive to create a great customer experience begins well before any guest enters the door. He works with the staff to create the perfect image of each venue through various marketing channels. The sight, smell, feel, sound, temperature, and lighting within each venue are all carefully crafted to create a flawless on-premise experience for each customer. Finally, he rounds out the customers experience by having his staff always exceed the industry service standards.

Bobby has taken these beliefs and created a fantastic team of diverse and well-rounded employees who care as much about the brand as they do about their paycheck. This has translated into FWD and Magnolia being regarded two of the best nightlife destinations in the Midwest.