- Forward Day and Nightclub in the Flats: Opening dates and summer kick-off party for 2016

By Kristel Hartshorn,

CLEVELAND, Ohio--There's nothing quite like summer in Cleveland and Forward Day + Nightclub is prepared to bring the heat with parties the city has never seen before. 

Starting the weekend of May 6-7, the outdoor venue will be back in action for a complete season with regular business hours. Things officially kick off Memorial Day weekend, when the entire space, including the pool, will be completely open. Entertainment for that holiday weekend includes DJ's DONKISDante, and MIMO as well as band performances. The celebration will also launch the start of appearances by national acts. 

"Last year, we introduced the city to a lot of DJ's that people didn't know about and we got a great response," said FWD co-owner, Bobby Rutter. "We're bringing back all our guys from Vegas, L.A., Chicago and Miami and we're sprinkling in a lot of new people since we have more dates."

Rutter is always looking to bring his A-game when it comes to the entertainment scene. This year, there will be earlier hours on Thursdays. From 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. the club will feature "Live at Forward,"  showcasing a rotation of bands and DJ's every week.

"I think what will be different this year compared to last year is that our days will be crazy," said Rutter. "Our day parties will be as good as our night parties."

Tour of FWD Day + Nightclub Take a tour inside the newly opened Forward Day + Nightclub, which is a 15,000-square-foot open-air entertainment venue located on the Flats East Bank.

Expect a lot of themed parties as well. So far, a Catalina mixer, white party and Bubble Fest (champagne tasting) are already on the schedule. The space will also see some RNC action with private parties that entire week. Rutter will definitely have his hands full, but he shared that he's ready to get the ball rolling.  

"Forward's made to be the spot where everyone ends up at the end of the night," said Rutter. "Now that all the other places around us are open, I think there's going to be an immense amount of bodies compared to last year. I can't wait to be around all of it."

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